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Dr. Carol Swain on the
Mid-Term Election

Republicans faired well in the mid-term election. How will this affect conservatives? Find out at our next meeting...

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Dr. Carol Swain

Dr Carol Swain to Speak at Next Meeting Nov. 24th

The next Wilson County Tea Party meeting will meeting will feature Dr. Carol Swain, Professor of Political Science and Law at Vanderbilt University and host of the conservative talk show, “Be the people” on Monday, November 24 in the School House, Building G at the Ward Ag Center in Lebanon. All are welcome.

Now that the Republicans have taken control of the US Senate what lies ahead for Conservatives? Dr, Swain will unpack lessons learned from the mid-term elections at our next meeting. Please plan to join us for some great insight on the changing political landscape.

That's the Monday before Thanksgiving, 7:00 pm, in the School House, Building G, at the Ward Ag Center in Lebanon. We look forward to seeing you there.

Michael DelGiorno and State Reps. Speak at Tea Party Dinner

Joe Carr, Menda Holmes, Michael DelGiornoThe theme “Unity through Conservative Principles,” echoed resolutely in talks given by Wilson County Tea Party Chairman Menda Holmes, State Representatives Terri Lynn Weaver, Mark Pody and Joe Carr and keynote speaker Michael DelGiorno at the group’s recent annual dinner.

After a delicious meal of ribs, homemade vegetable dishes and tasty desserts Chairman Holmes kicked off the evening with a poignant talk citing how the six foundational principles of the Republican Party Platform embody core conservative values. These principles are faith in God as recognized by our Founders, adherence to the Constitution, peace through strength, fiscal responsibility, equal rights and justice through the rule of law and commitment to the free market. The rift in the Republican Party, she pointed out, occurs because these principles are often articulated but rarely put into action. “Unity can only be achieved through a return to the Constitutional principles that powered the Reagan Revolution,” she emphasized.

Citing the recent U.S. Senate primary race between incumbent Lamar Alexander and Representative Joe Carr, she pointed to the distinct differences between a mainstream Republican and a true conservative. In closing, she encouraged conservatives to seek leadership positions in Republican organizations at the state and local level to build support systems for future conservative leaders while bringing unity to the Republican Party.

Rep Terri Lynn WeaverAfter singing the National Anthem, acappella, Representative Terry Lynn Weaver shared her thoughts about the importance of adhering to core conservative values. She also acknowledged Albert McCall, Sr. who was in the audience, thanking him for the encouragement and support he had given her when she first ran for public office.

Representative Mark Pody opened his talk by reading part of the Declaration of Independence citing it was built on Biblical principles. He followed with a quote from John Adams, ”Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” This constitutional republic our founding fathers ordained will only perpetuate itself if it continues to be served by a moral society, he emphasized.

Rep Mark PodyUnfortunately, as he had noted during his invocation earlier, many in this country have turned away from God and the moral baseline found in His word. As believers, Pody explained, we find ourselves asking for forgiveness for our country as he quoted 2nd Chronicles, 7:14, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Returning to the principles of the Republican platform, he pointed out many are based upon Biblical principles just like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. These founding documents have withstood the test of time, thus far, but are being challenged by the moral decay we see going on all around us. He concluded that the only way to regain unity within the party is for all Republicans to adhere to those spiritually inspired, conservative principles upon which the platform is based.

Rep Joe Carr,  Rep. Micah VanHussAfter a warm introduction from Pody, Representative Joe Carr opened his talk by recognizing District 6 Representative Micah Van Huss from Johnson City, not only for his strong conservative support in the legislature, but his service to our country as a U.S. Marine.

“Our principles come from God,” Carr began, “And once we understand this we can talk about unity. These principles are enumerated in the Bill of Rights.” Citing an example, he commended the Republican National Committee for issuing a recent resolution recognizing five states that stood up against Common Core Standards. Tennessee, however, was not one of them.

“A key challenge that will test the party’s principles is looming on the horizon” he continued. “Are we going to redefine what a marriage is or stand behind our principles – one man and one woman?”

“The problem we face is elected officials base their campaigns upon principles which they do not abide by once they are in office,” Carr concluded before introducing the keynote speaker.

Michael DelGiorno, radio talk show host on WTN 99.7, opened by recognizing his wife Andrea and Dr. Carol Swain, conservative talk show host of “Be the People.” He pulled out several sheets of paper, commenting he rarely ever spoke with notes, but was holding the proof that his message would align with the words of those who had spoken before him, almost to the point of being uncanny.

Identifying himself as a Galatians 2:20 Christian, DelGiorno said his faith was preeminent in defining all other principles upon which he stood. He said he was not a member of the Tea Party but supports all that the group stands for and he supports the Republican platform as it is written.

“Standing up for what is right day after day starts easy but gets tough”, DelGiorno said. “Over time, the truth divides people.” He went on to name a number of high ranking Republicans who did not follow the Party’s platform to bolster his point.

Returning to his notes, he said, “Unity is defined as the the state of being united. Synonyms for the word are union and confederation. A little ironic,” he pointed out, “When you look at the history of our nation.”

“We each face one of two paths, capitulate or follow ‘salt and light.’ Capitulation,” he defined, “Is the action of surrendering or ceasing to resist an opponent. We cannot unify behind anything other than the truth and that starts with choosing the Living God.”

He urged the audience to resist capitulation knowing that they would be pressed. “The Platform is the only vestibule to shepherd us to unity within the Republican Party,” DelGiorno said, “And it needs to be patriotic unity.”

He encouraged everyone to return to the documents and principles of our Founders to strengthen their understanding of what made this country great. And when it comes to elections, ”Don’t fall for personalities, focus on principles to make your decisions,” he urged.

“You are the few who get it,” he said in closing. “Please continue to pray for our leaders and our country. And remember, God changed the world with only twelve – the right twelve.”