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Rep. Mark Pody Shares Strategy

Representative Mark Pody shared his decision making strategy and talked about the bills he plans to sponsor this session...

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Rep. Mark Pody Shares Strategy at Our Latest Meeting

Rep. Mark Pody Representative Mark Pody spoke to members of the Wilson County Tea Party at our most recent meeting at the Ward Ag Center. He shared not only the bills he will be sponsoring this session but also the strategy he uses to decide on how he will vote on a bill. He began with a description of the preliminary mechanics of how the House operates before it rolls into full Session.

The House is charged with meeting ninety legislative days over the next two years. A legislative day is logged when roll call is taken and typically occurs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The first two weeks of the Session are primarily organizational when seating, office and committee assignments are made, he explained.

A special session of the legislature was called by the Governor to decide whether or not to approve the Insure Tennessee Medicare expansion program. Pody questioned the Governor’s reasoning for this because he did not have the votes going into it. Five of six committees within the House could have killed the bill but the Senate did instead.

“If someone asks me”, Pody said,” ‘Will you co-sponsor this bill?’ My response will always be, ‘Let me read it first and understand it.’” He noted that lobbyists and other representatives promoting bills will try to offer a quick summary of its content to get him to sign on as a co-sponsor but he holds his ground. As a result, Pody’s name shows up the least among all of the representatives as a co-sponsor of bills moving through the House.

In addition to reading and understanding a bill, Pody makes it a point to talk to all sides of the issue before committing to a decision. “Some may try to accuse me of waffling because these steps take time”, he pointed out, “But when I make a decision I want it to be one of substance, because it will affect the lives of many people.”

Once he has read and understands a bill and has spoken to those parties affected, Pody shared the Decision P’s he uses to come to a decision.

1. Is the issue Principle based? Using his pro-life position as an example he cited his vote will always reflect his principles.
2. What is the Policy? Or, how do we get there? He used the various roads on a map as a metaphor to explain there is more than one path to reach a conclusion.
3. What are the Politics? Our system of government is not perfect and issues are subject to political influence.
4. What is the level of Passion? Not all bills are created equal. Some are more important than others.
5. People – who is affected? “I represent 67,000 people and my vote needs to reflect their needs,” Pody stated.
6. Where is the Proof? Volunteers help by digging through piles of information to get to the real facts of the matter.
7. Pray for guidance. Once all the information has been gathered and evaluated he prays for guidance to cast the right vote.

Concluding his remarks on strategy he moved into a discussion of the bills he plans to sponsor this session. “The Healthcare Compact bill would keep the federal government out of our healthcare system. It nearly passed last year and I believe there was a good chance it will pass this year,” Pody stated.

He also plans to sponsor a bill to make Attorney General an elected office with a six year term. If it was to be made a four or eight year term it would align with the Governor’s race which he felt would be heavily influenced the candidate running.

Emission testing of new cars less than 3 years old with less than 36,000 miles should be eliminated. He feels it is nothing more than an added tax on new car owners and plans to sponsor a bill calling for the emission testing rules to be changed.

With the recent passage of the Keystone Pipeline bill, Pody would like to pass a resolution citing that with its completion the US should be buying its imported oil from Canada rather than the Middle East. He would also like to see sales tax from tire sales in Tennessee be allocated to TDOT instead of raising the gasoline tax in the State of Tennessee.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore to Speak at Next Tea Party Meeting

The next Wilson County Tea Party Meeting will host Laurie Cardoza-Moore as our guest speaker on Monday, April 27 at the Ward Ag Center. The metting will be in the Veteran's Building, not the School House where we normally meet.

She is President of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations and is an expert on Israel. Her talk will focus upon what is happening to the content of textbooks in our public school system. Check back for more details as time draws nearer.