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January 2014 - Kevin Kookogey to Speak, IRS Targets Conservatives with New Regs., Legislative Session Update, Support TNACC Petition Against Commom Core

December 2013 - WCTP 2013 in Rhyme, Taking Action for Joe Carr, Kevin Kookogey to Speak Jan 27th, Heads Up for 2014

November 2013 - Self Governance Class, Tennessee Demonstrates State's Rights, Who Really Shut Down the Government?

October 2013 - Rep. Joe Carr keynote speaker at our annual dinner on Oct. 11th, Preserving State's rights with the 10th Amendment, Door #1, Door #2 or Door #3?

September 2013 - Brenda Causey presents compelling concerns about Common Core Standards coming into our schools.

August 2013 - Constitutional Kindle Winner, Common Core at our next meeting, Website updates, Can we stop Obama Care? and What are we going to do about Lamar?

July 2013 - Visit our booth at the Wilson County Fair. Electiion Integrity and Executive Suspension of Statute Enforcement.

June 2013 - Ben Cunningham to speak at next meeting. Security vs. Privacy (NSA) and Immigration Reform bill impact. Plans for the Wilson County Fair.

May 2013 - Ben Cunningham to speak at next meeting. Intimidation of conservative groups by the IRS. Plans for the Wilson County Fair. Future Tea Party direction in District 6.

April 2013 - Lessons on Liberty, Second Amendment rights. Dr. Carol Swain to speak at next WCTP meeting. What is the Core Behind Common Core Curriculum? Newspaper artical on March Constitutional Refresher seminar.

March 2013 - Lessons on Liberty, the 10th Amendment Caucus. WCTP Chairman appears on "Be The People" to discuss homosexual agenda within Boy Scout leadership. The Power of One - get involved and make a difference. Constitutional Refresher seminar coming up 3-16.

February 2013 - Lessons on Liberty, the Chairman's perspective. New WCTP web site is up with the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendments, Declaration of Independence and TN Constitution. Legislative issues on Obamacare, State's Rights and the 2nd Amendment are open for comment. Upcoming meetings are on the calendar of events and the video collection has been started.

January 2013 - No publication due to reorganization and web site construction.

The last six issues of 2012 were published by Sherrie Orange, the former Chairman of the WCTP. She shares her passion and knowledge of the issues leading up to the election and follows with the harsh reality of where we are headed now that the electorate has made its decision.

December 2012 - Chairman's Call for Help, Gov. Haslam Says NO to Healthcare Exchanges, Michigan is Now Right-to-Work State, Public Apathy Toward 2nd Amendment Rights

November 2012 - We Lost - Santa Claus Won, Obamacare Healthcare Exchanges in Tennessee, A Marine's Perspective, What Time is it?, Integrity of Charities

October 2012 - Election is Upon Us, Haslam Administration and Sharia Law, Jan '09 vs. Now

September 2012 - Obama's FIrst Term Record (in detail)

August 2012 - Romney-Ryan Ticket, Johnson and Goode, Aurora, CO Theater Tragedy and Gun Control, Forced Annexation

July 2012 - John Roberts' Obamacare Decision, August Primary: Lynn vs. Elam, Zelenik vs. Black, Illegal Immigration