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Tennessee Healthcare Compact Bill (HCC)

IMPORTANT UPDATE, Monday February 18, 2013 - Representative Susan Lynn has stated she will support the Healthcare Compact Bill as it is written. The Wilson County Tea Party thanks Rep. Lynn for her support of this important proposed legislation designed to give Tennesseans an alternative to Obama Care. We also thank all of those people who took the time to share their point view with her.

The Issue...

Who do you feel is better qualified to make health care policy for Tennesseans, the Federal Government or our State Government? If you think the "Affordable Care Act", aka Obama Care, is unpopular now, just wait until 2016 and see how much it will cost a family of four.

The HCC bill will give Tennesseans an option to Obama Care if approved by our State Legislature and by Congress. The time to act is now as this bill will be coming before the State Legislature very soon. It has already passed twice in the Senate but still faces a challenge in the House.

Representative Mark Pody and Senator Mae Beavers not only support the Healthcare Compact Bill but are sponsors of it. However, Representative Susan Lynn is still undecided. If you are in Rep. Lynn's District 57, which covers the north and west side of Wilson County, or know people who are, please email her at rep.susan.lynn@capitol.tn.gov or call 741-7462 and encourage her to vote in favor of the Healthcare Compact Bill.

And Here's Why:
The idea behind the Healthcare Compact Bill (HCC) is for states to join together in a compact to petition Congress to give up federal control and send the states all of the federal funding being used to cover the cost of the program. This is about $11.5 billion in Tennessee's case, according to the Legislative Fiscal Review Committee staff.

Seven States have already approved similar health care compact legislation, according to the Health Care Compact Alliance website. They include Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and South Carolina. Indiana did make an amendment to their HCC to say that Medicaid, which provides health coverage for low income persons and covers those over age 65 regardless of income, would remain with the federal government.

In Tennessee, we already operate the Medicaid program through Tenn Care program. Medicare is 100% federally funded.

Key Reasons to Support the HCC:

1. It follows the Constitution. (10th Amendment)

2. It allows people of Tennessee options, as opposed to Obama Care which is filled with rationed ambiguous delays in health care, inferior quality of services, and certain denial of coverage to senior citizens.

3. The HCC encourages competition amongst health insurance companies and allows us to cross state lines to get a better package of health insurance benefits to fit our needs.

4. It encourages innovative solutions that Dr. Ben Carson discussed and endorsed in his recent Prayer Breakfast Speech such as Health Savings Accounts.

5. It devolves all regulation back to the states and turns over funding of Medicare for elderly and Medicaid for the poor back to the states with NO strings attached.

6. The state can opt out of the program if it chooses to do so at any time.

7. Passing the HCC will lower health care costs. Right now, the Feds are saying that this AFFORDABLE OBAMA CARE will cost a family of four...$20,000 per year by 2016.

8. Congress will not be allowed to regulate or amend the bill in any way.

9. Each state involved in this HCC is free to choose its own health care policy solutions.

10. Tennessee citizens will have their own tax dollars to be spent on Health Care Coverage in Tennessee without being told how to spend those tax dollars by federal government healthcare.

11. The HCC will not cut any services or benefits to Senior Citizens or any other Tennessee citizen.

12. Better health care policies always save money. For example, corporations that have used Health Care Savings Accounts with high deductibles found their health care costs went down considerably.

The Tennessee Center for Self Governance survey shows 100% favor Tennessee policy vs. that of the Federal Government. Nationwide, Obamacare received only a 32-34% approval rating according to a New York Times survey taken during the summer of 2012.

The HCC bill puts our state in a position to drive innovative reforms and to customize it to fit our citizens' needs, and be more fiscally responsible. After all, our state must balance its budget. It is time to improve health insurance and make it more affordable, and the time is now.

The Wilson County Tea Party encourages you to support the Tennessee Healthcare Compact Bill now!

Proposed Bills from TEA Party and Liberty Alliance Groups

The Tennessee Alliance of TEA Party and Liberty Groups reviewed proposed bills for the Tennessee Legislature at their January 19th meeting in Nashville. A total of 30 bills were discussed which addressed the following five pillars (P) of concern:

  • P1- Rebuilding the separation of State and Federal Governments
  • P2- Restoring individual liberties
  • P3- Strengthening State Governance
  • P4- Strengthening State Economy
  • P5- Strengthening State Citizenship

Click here to find out which proposed bills made the top ten and share your thoughts about the ones that you feel are important...