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Article V Convention Debate

At our June 2015 meeting we hosted a debate on the pros and cons of having an Article V Convention. Yvonne and Hilliard Rogers present the pro-COS viewpoint and Publius Huldah presents why an Article V Convention is not a good idea. Mike Warner with the Tennessee Watchman filmed and edited the event. (2:15:01)

Parents Against Islamic Religion in Schools

Published on Dec 12, 2014
Power Point presentation given by "Craig Ground Zero" at the FOL Bible Church. (11-18-14). Exposing the truth about the Common Core curriculum which is being taught in our East Tennessee public school system.(1:04:03)

What's Really at the Core of Common Core Standards?
Part 1,
Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Common Core Curriculum is being touted as a new standard designed to empower teachers to push students to meet higher expectations. In reality it is a rigid, nationalized K-12 curriculum standard that disallows changes by states, school boards or parents to adapt to the needs of local students. Upgrading to computerized testing will cost taxpayers millions while creating windfall profits for large corporations providing the hardware and software. Data mining will track over 400 parameters about K-12 students and their families and be shared with other government agencies. And to top it off, the performance bar in math and English is actually lower - not higher! If you have kids or grandkids in school - this is a must watch!
Part 1 (10:29), Part 2 (8:12), Part 3 (4:22), Part 4 (3:51), Part 5 (5:30)

Be The People - Homosexual Agenda in the Boy Scouts, Part 1,
Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Dr. Carol Swain hosts, "Be The People" as she discusses the contraversial issue of homosexual leadership within the Boy Scouts with Hugh Travis of the Boy Scouts in Middle Tennessee, Larry Crane of the Church Law institute and Menda Holmes, Wilson County Tea Party Chairman.
Part 1 (6:08), Part 2 (6:05), Part 3 (3:23), Part 4 (3:04), Part 5 (3:00)

What is Agenda 21?

Hidden under the guise of sustainable development, Ann Bressington of Australia's Legislative Council exposes Agenda 21 for what it really is; a new world order based on UN controlled international law, wealth distribution, social engineering (population control) and the elimination of property rights. To the rational mind, this may seem too sinister to administer but the underpinnings have been in motion for decades and will impact us in Wilson County if we don't support legislation to stop it. (21:20)

Food Stamps for Valentines Day Candy

Nashville's News Channel 5 Chief Investigative Reporter, Phil Williams, exposes how taxpayers are footing the bill for Valentines Day Gift Baskets full of candy which are being purchased with food stamps. (4:17, transcript included)

Rep. Joe Carr Discusses Gun Ownership, Part 1, Part 2

Dr. Carol Swain hosts a discussion with Representative Joe Carr and Attorney Larry Crane on her conservative talk show, "Be The People". Rep. Carr unpacks the reasoning behind his proposed legislation for HB0042 which is designed to help protect the 2nd Amendment Rights of Tennesseans. Part 1 (8:10), Part 2 (4:46)

What is Socialism?

Dinesh DSouza, producer of the movie, "2016," unpacks the disparaging psychological damage socialism reaps on society in a short, succinct discussion using Obama, a gun and a sandwich as a metaphor. (6:00)